Insuring your smartphone: Is it really worth it?

Today, smartphones are becoming more and more expensive, which is the reason for users to take out smartphone insurance. This is the most fashionable device in the world today. It…

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The eSim, or virtual sim card, arrives in France

Which operators offer this service, and at what price?  Since June 2019, the operators Orange and SFR have been offering this service to their subscribers who have a compatible device….

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Find your favorite smartphone while comparing models online.

Smartphones are a daily requirement for most people. It is not just an accessory but a very important means of communication in all aspects of daily life. Smartphones are the…

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Why should you opt for the Ciel Telecom operator?

Are you looking for an easy way to optimize your company’s expenses? Among the offers that abound in the telecommunications market, it is sometimes difficult to know which ones are…

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Trend: connected watches

Today, technology is gaining more and more ground in society. Innovations of all kinds allow us to live in the age of time. Currently, one technological innovation is catching on…

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The use of social networks during the global confinement

Since the lockdown, social networks have continued to attract more and more users. Indeed, the French have relied on social networks to help one another during this health crisis. Facebook,…

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