The use of social networks during the global confinement

Published on : 28 September 20225 min reading time

Since the lockdown, social networks have continued to attract more and more users. Indeed, the French have relied on social networks to help one another during this health crisis. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others, allow everyone to maintain a connection with their loved ones during this period of confinement.

The use of social networks has grown significantly


A study by the CSA institute has revealed that social networks allow people to keep in touch with their loved ones. But also to have fun, to work or to do sports. This study also reveals that 55% of French people would find it difficult to live in confinement without social networks. Moreover, the company Kantar has noted a strong increase in the use of social media of 61% compared to the rates usually observed.

A disrupted way of life, but everyone is doing their part

The sports clubs regularly post on their Facebook or Instagram pages some small exercises to do at home. But also, fitness influencers offer daily lives on the social network Instagram, to motivate their followers to keep their energy up. We also know that, for some people, confinement is a hard thing to go through. For this reason, social networks have been transformed into therapeutic tools for people who find themselves living in confinement alone. Communicating with loved ones on a regular basis is necessary for people who are fragile. WhatsApp has been the big winner in this pandemic. Its number of users has increased by 41%.


Families are finding solutions to be able to get together. For example, Skype is transformed into Skypero, a way to share good moments with loved ones, like a real family dinner. The chef, Cyril Lignac, proposes cooking recipes be done in family. Thanks to the confinement, the show “Tous en Cuisine”, broadcast on TV and also live on Instagram, was created. It averaged 2.6 million viewers and allowed families to get together to cook meals. It also allowed them to eat healthily.


Big brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and many others, have also chosen social networks as a plan B. Since the launch of Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2021, designers have been unveiling their new collections live on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as LinkedIn and YouTube accounts. These presentations come with impressive settings, but also stagings worthy of a film series, like in the mini-series directed by the designer Alessandro Michele, artistic director of the Gucci brand.


Having a good mobile network is therefore essential for surfing on social networks

The French want to live out of their confinement in the best possible conditions. And to be able to entertain themselves, they have opted for social networks. Surfing in peace on social networks without being disrupted by a slow connection has become essential for them. One out of two French people has difficulty coping with this health crisis without social networks, so it is important for them to have a good mobile network.


Being able to communicate at any time and send a few snapshots to your loved ones via Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Facebook should be a piece of cake. Of course, you need the best mobile network to surf your favorite social network without any problems. Moreover, it is now possible for some to finally benefit from 5G. Indeed, customers of the Orange, Bouygues Telecom, and SFR groups can now enjoy this new network. With this latest generation mobile network, faster than 4G, you will never miss your favorite stories on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


If you are a big fan of social networks and you can’t do without them, choose a mobile package with a large amount of data. Some operators offer mobile packages with no commitment (source: and with a very attractive monthly envelope of data. You can stay connected to the Internet as long as you want without worrying about your consumption.


Social networking after the lockdown

Will social networking still be successful even after deconfinement? That’s the question we’re asking. They have become the most preferred means of communication for some. We can now send messages and share content on every social network we own. Snapchat, Instagram, or even TikTok don’t have to worry, as their revenue will continue to grow. This confinement has more or less encouraged the population to create an account on social networking sites. Certainly, the amount of time spent on the networks will decrease, but their success will continue to grow little by little.


In addition, some social networks have clearly stood out, and they have become great communication tools. These levers should therefore be integrated into future digital communication strategies. It is therefore the professionals who will allow social networks to continue their rise at the end of the health crisis.






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