Why should you opt for the Ciel Telecom operator?

Are you looking for an easy way to optimize your company's expenses? Among the offers that abound in the telecommunications market, it is sometimes difficult to know which ones are really interesting, and which ones will allow you to make real savings in the short and long term. But with Ciel Telecom, you will discover the safest and most secure way to bundle your offer and to lower your costs considerably.

A reliable operator of the SFR group

The first advantage that jumps out when you study the offers of the operator Ciel Telecom is its affiliation with the French telecommunications giant SFR. This is a real guarantee, at a time when many companies providing this type of offer are emerging here and there. The problem with a new operator or one without a large national reference is its possible fragility in the medium term. Many operators appear and disappear in France every year, wasting a lot of money for those who subscribe to them. Moreover, a newcomer to this demanding market usually has fragile networks, regularly suffering from outages or cutbacks in their flows.

Drastic savings in record time

By bundling your mobile lines, fixed lines, and internet, you will pay a single sum for a global package including all your digital and communication needs. This will allow you to benefit from the exceptional offers that the group makes to French professionals. In a few months, you will already feel a big difference in your bills. If you are setting up expensive business projects that require quick savings, this is one of the most effective solutions. Plus, it's a shame to pay exorbitant fees for each of your lines, when you can bundle everything under the same offer and make your accounting simpler and smoother.

Offers adapted to your needs

Today, it is estimated that more than 200,000 customers have chosen to adopt this operator and that the satisfaction rate is extremely high. Present on the market since 2004, it has been able to follow the technological evolution from the inside and perfectly adapt to the new needs of professionals in terms of Internet connection and communication. Few operators can claim such experience and such adequate experience with their customers. The success of the Box Office has already conquered a wide range of small and large French companies. The offers with smartphones and all-unlimited have also been a great success given their low price compared to what can be found on the private market.

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