The advantages of buying a refurbished iphone 6s

The current trend is to eat organic and be green! Many people are now concerned about preserving the planet through small gestures that are not very difficult to achieve but have a great impact on the environment, including recycling waste, saving energy, water, and electricity at home, saving fuel, etc. But now, it is also possible to make this small gesture by buying your smartphone. But how?

Refurbished smartphones

Reconditioning a smartphone means refurbishing it and reselling it at a much lower price than its original price. In fact, we recondition almost new smartphones, i.e., smartphones that have not really been used, but that have just been taken out of their original packaging. They may have been sold and then returned to the manufacturer, or simply used as display models. These smartphones have usually been used for no more than a fortnight. The process is as follows: the professionals employed by establishments specializing in reconditioning test them, check them, and then reconfigure them so that they are returned to their original function. It's like giving a second life to smartphones. Certideal is one of the establishments specialized in refurbishing. It carries out, for example, the iPhone 6s refurbishment.

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s is a rather special Apple model. Released in September 2015, it has a 4.7-inch screen and a 12-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and autofocus. What makes it special compared to its predecessors is that it has what is called a 3D touch, which detects the level of pressure a user puts on the screen. The refurbished iPhone 6s displays all the features that charm you about the iPhone 6s. It is 100% functional, tested, and cleaned by experts, and the battery is in excellent condition and is sold with an 18-month warranty. And yet, it costs much less than a new one! If a new one costs originally more than 800 euros, a refurbished one costs less than 250 euros! It is absolutely economical!

A small gesture that can save the planet!

Buying a refurbished iPhone 6s instead of a new one is an ecological gesture that saves the planet. Why is this? Because the reconditioning of smartphones is a form of recycling. Indeed, 80% of the components of smartphones are reusable. So, if we recondition smartphones instead of throwing them away after less than two weeks of use, we would avoid a considerable amount of toxic waste. But then again, repairing and refurbishing a previously used smartphone uses four times less carbon dioxide than producing a new one. So if you buy a refurbished iPhone 6s instead of a new one, not only will you save money, but you will also contribute to the preservation of the planet.

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