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Customise your smartphone, repair it by buying spare parts that match the model of your damaged phone. Improve your comfort of use by buying various accessories.

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Technology and mobile applications

Creating mobile applications requires the use of a programming language compatible with your phone’s OS. The iOS operating system uses the SWIFT language, while Android applications are designed with Kotlin.

Mobile trends

Mobile trends

The most successful apps combine engagement, loyalty and retention.

Accessories and repair

Accessories and repair

Repair and protect your phone with compatible accessories and spare parts.

Mobile market

Smartphones represent a digital revolution.

Ever more powerful smartphones

Ever more powerful smartphones

Mobile phones are constantly becoming more powerful in terms of technical specifications and battery life. To further increase their level of autonomy, smartphones are equipped with removable batteries that are easier to replace than models with fixed batteries. The latest models of Apple’s premium smartphones offer up to 27 hours of battery life.

By offering a fast charging system, smartphone users will be able to save time when charging their devices.

This evolution of the SIM card

eSIM, embedded SIM or integrated SIM is a technology that is gradually gaining ground in the high-tech market. This technology allows the dematerialisation of SIM cards. It is a device that changes the perception of mobile devices. The eSIM is an element that is integrated directly into the terminal. The Samsung Gear S2 3G and the Apple Watch Series 3 are already equipped with this technology. For more information, read the explanation from

eSIM, the evolution of SIM cards, can work on various communicating objects such as smartphones and connected watches.

This evolution of the SIM card

Top selling smartphones - competitive criteria

Apple makes smartphones that are among the best-selling mobile phones on the market. These products are known for their power, durability and design.

Galaxy S and Galaxy Note

iPhone and its many ranges

Xiaomi Redmi

Top products compared


Reduce latency, increase throughput and improve flexibility.

Battery life

Use less power-hungry applications to gain battery life.


Protect your sensitive data by using a phone with advanced security technology.


Search for free and paid applications by category.

Buying guide

High-end smartphones

High-end smartphones have a stylish design and are well polished. These modern smartphones can be equipped with an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. These little technology powerhouses come with a mechanically stabilised camera and a lot of storage space.